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  • Why charge shipping?

    Shipping is an expense we choose not to incur. We have an Australia-wide flat rate delivery fee of $10 per order. As we are a discount wine merchant, we don’t build delivery fees into the bottle price, making your purchase completely transparent. We do not offer free shipping.

    My order has not arrived. What should I do?

    Unless otherwise stated in our offer, your wine will be delivered within 10 business days of invoice. Deliveries may be delayed when wine is arriving into our warehouse during periods of extended heat or from abroad (you will be notified in advance). You will also be sent an email from Australia Post containing a tracking number. An item can easily be tracked via for an updated status.

    For all deliveries you will need to allow 10 business days until contacting us to investigate further. It is recommended you check with your local post office centre if your item has not been received in a reasonable time as they may be holding it for you.

    Please contact or call 02 9965 7224 Mon thru Friday 9 thru 5 if Aust Post are unable to resolve your query. 

    Can we collect orders?

    No. As we don’t have a 'bricks and mortar' retail presence, we do not have a store from where orders can be collected.

    Do you deliver anywhere in Australia?

    Yes. We ship Australia-wide with a flat rate delivery fee of $10 per order. 

    If I am out of town, can you hold my delivery for me until I return?

    No. If you are not able to arrange someone to collect your wine from your designated delivery address, you will need re-direct the delivery to another address where someone can take care of it until you return. You’ll need to edit the delivery details in your personal profile through our website. Just be sure to change the address back once you return, or all future orders will sent to the last address.

    Can my order be couriered if I order in bulk (or create a syndicate order with my work colleagues)?

    No. All orders, no matter the volume, must be delivered through Australia Post. This is how we are able to keep our margins very lean and pass the savings on to you.

    How is wine shipped?

    Wine is shipped by Australia Post.

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