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    Before a purchase can be made from JD Cellars, a secure ONE-TIME REGISTRATION form must be completed which will capture your name and delivery address along with your preferred credit card details. This will then allow all future purchases to be a simple ONE-CLICK ordering process.

    What is the ONE CLICK ordering process?

    At the bottom of each JD Cellars offer, you can choose how many bottles you wish to order via the links provided. All amounts are in multiples of 6 bottles. After you’ve completed our ONE TIME REGISTRATION, you can order your wine with ONE CLICK.

    How do I place my first order?

    You must first register by following the 'REGISTER HERE' link on our offers before you can order.

    Can I enable an additional email for one click?

    Yes! If you registered and placed your first order using your personal email address you can add your work email as an alternate address. You can do this from the account edit page here

    I am a returning 'pre registered' customer however my new 'one click' order will not process. What should I do?

    Please ensure your are responding to an offer sent to SAME EMAIL address to which you registered. Additionally, the email must be sent using the same email address. If the links are opening a different email application, see the guide below.

    The one click email ordering links aren't working properly

    When you click a one click order link, an email compose window should open with a new message. The email must then be sent to submit the order. If successful, you will always be sent an invoice as a confirmation.


    Sometimes these links don't work if the email client you are using is not setup to open "mailto links". For instance, the link may open in an email application you do not use and ask you to setup a new account. You will need to adjust your computer settings in able to use one click ordering.


    The below guides will allow you to setup your mail client to open mailto links:


    Microsoft Windows

    Apple OSX


    If you don't have one of these devices, please email with the following information and we will be happy to assist:


    1. What operating system (Windows, Mac, Android, etc) ?
    2. What email application (Outlook, Apple mail, webmail, etc) ?
    3. What email provider (Gmail, Hotmail, internal mail system, etc) ?
    4. If using webmail, what browser are you using (Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer) ?

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